1 Billion White Tara Mantra Project
For the Long Life of
Garchen Rinpoche & World Peace
1 Billion Amitayus Mantra Accumulation Project
For the Long Life of Garchen Rinpoche
Calendar February 2020

calendar 202002




buddha-nicheBuddha Niche Sponsorship

“By making statues of the Buddha and by making offerings to statues of Buddha, one accumulates infinite, inconceivable merit that immediately becomes a cause of enlightenment. Every merit accumulated by making statues and by making offerings to statues immediately becomes the cause of enlightenment. Without a doubt, every single one becomes a cause of enlightenment.”


By sponsoring Buddha statues, one will not only bring blessings to oneself, families, friends and home or businesses, one will also firmly establish connections with the Buddha and their embodiments (ie. Manjusri is the embodiment of Wisdom), purify obstacles, and accumulate immeasurable merits.


Types of Statues Offerings

  • Medicine Buddha: For good health, swift recovery from sickness and  purification of obscurations.
  • Manjusri: For wisdom, increase in knowledge and studies.
  • White Tara: For long life, happiness, swift purification of obstacles and blessing of compassion.
  • Green Tara: For swift purification of obstacles and receive blessings rapidly.
  • Yellow Dzambala: For prosperity in order to undertake various Dharma activities,  ripens and enhances our karma so that we may realize an abundance of resources, smooth career and growth of businesses.

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