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Most Venerable Chakme Rinpoche



Most Venerable Chakme Rinpoche is the ninth incarnation of Gyalwa Cho Yang, one of the Guru who gave the refuge to the previous H.E Garchen Rinpoche. Without any notice, the present H.E Garchen Rinpoche showed at the 9th Chakme Rinpoche's home and gave him the refuge and empowerments, at the time even before Chakme Rinpoche been recognized.


The first Karma Chakme was a very learned and realized Buddhist master who founded the Nemdho Kagyu Lineage. He was, revered Tibet for his remarkable qualities and accomplishments. Most notably, he composed the Rechu" ("Mountain Retreat Manual"), which is regarded as the definitive text on retreat practice in the Drikung Kagyu, Karma Kagyu and Nyingma orders of Tibetan Buddhism.


The "Mountain Retreat Manual" is comprehensive, encompassing both practical aspects of setting up a retreat, as well as the most profound retreat teachings, including deity practice generation and completion stage practice, Dzogchen Trekchod and Thogal. The significance of "Mountain Retreat Manual" in Tibetan Buddhism parallels the esteem reserved for such venerated texts as "The Jewel Ornament of Liberation" by Gampopa.


Karma Chakme Rinpoche's second incarnation was one of four tulku sons born to Adra Wangchen, who was an incarnation of the terma (hidden treasure) master Ratna Lingpa. From a young age, the second Chakme Rinpoche was noticed for his excellent qualities and was particularly admired by the Tibetan King Nagchen Gyalpo. Although Chakme Rinpoche had a responsibility to stay at the Nhemdo monastery,founded by his predecessor, the king requested Chakme Rinpoche to reside near him, at Lho Meil monastery. Therefore the second Chakme Rinpoche often traveled between the two monasteries. Toward the end of his life, he was asked by Khenpo Karma Sangye from Nhemdo Monastery to rebirth at Nhemdo.


At that point of time, Chakme Rinpoche was very old and unable to speak due to illness, but he agreed and held up two fingers indicating that from that point on there would be two incarnations of Chakme Rinpoche - one in the Karma Kagyu lineage and one in the Drikung Kagyu.


The present Chakme Rinpoche was born in 1975. His grandfather was the Terton (hidden treasure master) Ozer Dorje. When Chakme Rinpoche's mother pregnant, she found a 5 inches tall Victory Banner. One day, his mother was taking a nap on the hill while herding the sheep, the baby Chakme Ripoche was screaming loud in her womb "There is a wolf! There is a wolf!” His mother woke up and saw there was a wolf approaching. While Ripoche's Father was on the pilgrimage, the young Chakme Ripoche could tell where his father was at every day.


When Chakme Rinpoche was a young boy, he received many teachings and empowerments from his father, elder brother Genang Rinpoche and many other teachers. When he was twelve, he was officially recognized by H.H Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche as the ninth incarnation of Karma Chakme.  On the day of his recognition, he and his mother with many other villagers were enjoying the sunshine in the pastureland. He told his mother to give him a bath and change of new clothe. He said "There are people coming for me." In the afternoon, LogDrub Rinpoche and other lamas arrived and announced the recognition letter from H.H Chetsang Rinpoche. When the recognition ceremony started, there were thunders in the sky and many white conch shells as the size of barley were found. Rinpoche has received many teachings and empowerments from H.E Garchen Rinpoche, and spent a great deal of time in retreat.


At the age of sixteen, Chakme Rinpoche completed a Manjushri Retreat in which he decided that he must dedicate himself to diligent study. He then studied under many great Khenpos and, at the age of twenty, pursued his Dharma studies at Dzogchen Shri Singha University. Thereafter, Chakme Rinpoche attended a Tibetan University in Beijing where he also learned Chinese language.


Chakme Rinpoche has also studied in India and received special empowerments of the Drikung Kagyu lineage from H.H. Chetsang Rinpoche. In 2004, Chakme Rinpoche gave teachings at the Drikung Kagyu convocation of the Monkey Year in India.

At present, he is the administrator of his monastery in Tibet, and travels between his monastery in Tibet and China, where he teaches regularly.