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Consecration of Buddha Statues,  Stupas, and Thangkas 


In the Tibetan tradition, holy statues, stupas, and thangkas are blessed in a special consecration ceremony before they are used in religious practices. The ceremony must be performed by a qualified person who is knowledgeable and proficient in all the necessary rituals.


In the case of statues and stupas, holy articles such as mantras, precious stones, and other special objects are sealed inside the statue or stupa during the ceremony. When this is done, the deity is invoked and merged with the statues through the use of appropriate hand gestures, mantras, and visualizations.


In the case of thangkas (religious paintings of Buddhas, mandalas, and so forth), a ceremony is also performed in order to consecrate the object. The consecrated object becomes a living entity able bestow blessings and must always be respected as such. Contact our centre for details.