100 Million White Tara Mantra Project
For the Long Life of
Garchen Rinpoche & World Peace
Calendar Jan 2018

calendar 201801



Created on 01 February 2013

Year 2011


 New Centre Premise at Geylang Preparation


Opening of New Premise at Geylang


Garchen Rinpoche Birthday Celebration


Vesak Celebration


Lord Jigten Sumgon Anniversary


Gar Chimme Dorje Rinpoche Arrival


White Tara Empowerment by Gar Chimme Dorje Rinpoche


White Tara Empowerment by Gar Chimme Dorje Rinpoche


Naga Vase Offering


Choekhor Duechen and HH Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Birthday Celebration


Jewel Ornament of Liberation Teaching Program


Garchen Rinpoche Arrival


100.000 Songs of Milarepa and Vajrakilaya Empowerment


Dinner with Garchen Rinpoche


Tertiary Bodies Teaching by Garchen Rinpoche


Amitabha Empowerment


100 Million Amidewa Recitation Retreat


Refuge Taking under Garchen Rinpoche


Sending off Garchen Rinpoche 


Lha Bab Duchen and HH Drikung Kyabgon Chungstang Birthday Celebration


First Amitabha Puja